Hans-Martin Erlandsen


RAPID PROTOTYPING and custom manufacturing


spring 2014


Never lose track of your ideas again. 

Notebumper is a 3D-printed phone bumper with an built-in stack of sticky-notes and a small pen. This allows you to always have your creative tools accessible and it is excellent for noting and sketching ideas on the fly.

The Intent

The goal behind Notebumper is to create a phone bumper that combines the best elements of working with tactile pen and paper. 

Sticky-notes provide the best choice of material, since their format fit the phone perfectly and being sticky allows you to use the physical space in your surroundings.

Notebumper is made for creative professionals and people who need easy access to paper notes.

The Value

  • Always have a pen and paper accessible
  • Sketching opportunities
  • Great when using on the fly, since phone is a hard surface
  • Easy to refill: both the ink and sticky-note are sold in most shops
  • Photograph notes to digitalize them!
  • Protect your phone